Who said service had to be boring?

At the FREC we believe in having fun,  enjoying amazing experiences, and fueling creativity – all while delivering the services and resources that our community needs. 

In 2017, as we celebrated four years since the grand opening of Detroit’s first Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC D1) on the Southwest side of the city, plans were well underway for the opening of the Detroit’s second FREC at Fisher Upper Magnet Academy.

With the October opening of FREC D2…

We expanded our reach,

and revitalized our vision.


We kicked off our virtual community with a FREC YouTube channel featuring a series of interviews with our FREC City partners sharing practical tips for our community. We also built online engagement through our social media channels.

There were celeb visits, fun giveaways, and a soothing wellness clinic for our friends at Fisher Magnet Upper Academy.

We also solicited proposals and engaged our community in vetting new service partners for 2018.

It was only right that we should end the year on a celebratory note. FREC Mercado (D1) kicked it off with the Southwest Holiday Festival featuring live jazz from Detroit’s own Jazz Festival band and fun crafts by Living Arts Detroit.


For the perfect conclusion to a landmark year, we wrapped it all up at FREC D2 with our 2017 Holiday Party. Check out the highlights below.

Thanks to our partners, our team, and our community for all you’ve done to make this a great year.  We look forward to many more to come!


Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @FRECCITY and visit our FREC locations at:

FREC (D1): 2826 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI 48216 | PH: 313.962.4888  Ask for Carmen

FREC (D2): 15491 Maddelein St., Detroit, MI 48205 | PH: 313.733.1240  Ask for Justin


The Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC) is a client-directed community center where people can learn new skills, obtain needed services, develop new talents and celebrate community. Made possible by grants from Ford Motor Company Fund, The Ford Resource and Engagement Center brings together non-profit partners to serve the surrounding community. 

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