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On Tuesday, September 4, at 7:30 am, as the students of Fisher Magnet Upper Academy returned to school, Men of Courage suited up and stood ready to welcome them and cheer them on for a successful school year.

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Each student was greeted with cheerful smiles, high fives, handshakes and positive affirmations to encourage them to start of the year right.

It was no surprise to see Men of Courage greeting students as the Ford Resource Engagement Center (FREC) is located inside the school. Students get to reap benefits and support from FREC Signature Programs like Men of Courage year-round.

When asked how he was impacted by seeing the Men of Courage greeting him at the door, 8th grader Julon Baker, said, “I felt welcomed. I’m glad you guys were here and its like I can see what I can be one day.”

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In addition to getting students off on the right track with the early morning rally, the back-to-school event included free haircuts, a micro-forum, and opportunities for students to stop in for one-on-one conversations throughout the day.

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This is one of the many ways that Men of Courage continues to challenge negative perceptions and advance the narrative surrounding our communities.

“Doing things like this wakes them up in the morning. Its essential and gives them the sense that they can make it. It is a constant reminder of the heights they can reach,” said Joseph Middlebrooks.

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The Ford Resource and Engagement Center and Men of Courage also partner with the Detroit Police Department for ‘Talk It Up Thursdays.’

Officer Brandon Jordan says that youth-oriented programs help to stop young men from going down the wrong path. “You can see the difference this makes, its very impactful. The teachers can see it and the parents can see it. Seeing a positive reflection of yourself makes all the difference.”

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