After the people have vanished and all the candy has been eaten, Michigan Central Station still stands. In the heart of Corktown, hundreds of community members flocked to MCS to celebrate Halloween last Wednesday.

Little goblins wandered around the iconic building not aware of the rich history that they were stepping into, while their parents marveled in its greatness.

                                                        Photo: Urban Content Studios

Attendees were in for a real treat since this may be the last event open to the public before Ford Motor Company plans to remodel the infrastructure.

Ford hosted the Halloween party as an “olive branch” offering to the Southwest/Corktown community.

                                                       Photo: Urban Content Studios

“The goal was to bring residents from the impact area and Ford employees together for a fun Halloween celebration,” said Cortnie Squirewell, project manager, Ford Motor Company. “ Ford understands the importance of being a good neighbor.”

LaMarco Pettiway lives in the surrounding area and couldn’t believe that he was able to party inside the once dilapidated train station.

“I jumped at the opportunity to be able volunteer for this event. I love the high ceilings and designs,” Pettiway said. “I hope I get another chance to come to an event here before all the work happens. It would be nice to put a restaurant in here.”

While some may have only looked at the train station as the ultimate backdrop for a spooky Halloween party, MCS will be the building to help revive the community.

                                                                 Photo: Urban Content Studios

“Corktown is going to be the hub for autonomous vehicles, how we recruit talent and how we add to the resurgence of the city,” said Shawn H. Wilson, former Manager of Multicultural Community Engagement at Ford Motor Company.



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