The FREC Street Team hit the center of Detroit to ask residents: “What does Black History Month mean to you?Here’s what we learned:

Photo: Director Martez

1. MLK is the Brand Ambassador of BHM– When asked about Black History Month, the first name that comes to mind is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. People struggled to name more than three or four important figures in black history.

2.BHM is Important – Across generations and gender, people respect the momentousness of BHM. They recognize its importance.

3. It’s a Passive Celebration – Few people observe traditions or action-oriented activities in commemoration of the occasion. When it comes to honoring BHM, people mostly mentioned passive activities like reading and reflecting.

These are decent responses, but if the purpose of BHM is to recognize those who paved the way AND inspire the next generation of leaders – we can certainly do better. How can we work together to transform BHM from a passive acknowledgement of black history into a month of action, self-improvement, personal goal setting, and resolutions for the betterment of the entire community?

The FREC is uniquely positioned to help lead the charge when it comes to rebranding Black History Month.

What kinds of events, services, and activities would you like to see? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below or share your ideas on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using #rebrandBHM #BHM18.

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