FREC City is pleased to present Dallas M. Forrest, one of our 2018 FREC CITY Student Reporters. Dallas made her journalistic debut at the inaugural FREC City Saturday event where she conducted interviews with vendors, parents, and kids.

“Dallas is a great asset to the FREC City content team.  She presents herself with poise and confidence, and asked great questions while conducting interviews at the FREC City Saturday event.”

-Cortnie Squirewell, Ford Motor Company Fund

Check out her debut news report below:

On February 17th, 2018 I attended an event at the Ford Resource & Engagement Center (FREC) called FREC City Saturday. I was invited by Mrs. Angela Jones who works for Detroit City Youth Opportunities Magazine to interview people that came to the event.

Before my family and I showed up, I thought there would be activities for both kids and adults, and there was! There was innovation, crafts, food, and even big kids on bikes. I got to interview so many people, including The Sun Drummers, lead by Momma Terry, who taught me African dance.

The 7-Mile Hallway was set up with lots of vendors including Dr. Nitro who showed us how to make ice cream out of nitrogen. When he was finished, we all got free ice cream with all sorts of good toppings.


There were big head characters roaming around that looked like Magic Johnson, Aretha Franklin, and Rosa Parks, and The Innovation Company gave out bags with play money that you could use to visit different stations and buy things.  

Smile Detroit was also there and if you colored a drawing of a T-shirt they gave you a real T-shirt with Smile on it. Further down in the 7-Mile Hallway there were kids managing a lemonade stand next to a food stand that was giving away free coney dogs. 

Back in the STEAM room, Back Alley Bikes had a section set up for where kids could work on and repair their own bikes. 

Photo: FREC Content Team

Journi had a station where older kids were building LEGO WeDo Robotics right from their computers. At The Bus Stops Here section you could build things by hand, and AccelerateKID had computers set up where kids played Minecraft for a chance to win a prize.

I had a great experience because I got to meet with a lot of great organizations and interview people.  I met some of the children that go to Fisher Upper Academy and they were nice to me. I learned new things and I will be coming back each month to interview and to have fun with my family at FREC City Saturday.

By: Dallas M. Forrest , FREC Student Reporter    


Join us on March, 24th for our FREC City Saturday event at our West Side location. More details to come!


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The Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC) is a client-directed community center where people can learn new skills, obtain needed services, develop new talents and celebrate community. Made possible by grants from Ford Motor Company Fund, The Ford Resource and Engagement Center brings together non-profit partners to serve the surrounding community. 

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