While some fear that the predominance of tech and gaming culture shortens attention spans and isolates kids from real social interaction, research suggests that engagement with tech and gaming is beneficial in developing critical thinking skills.

According to research, gamers who consistently play online are more confident and comfortable in social interaction and problem solving than non gamers. 

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Educational programs like LEGO WeDo 2.0, combine hardware and software to leverage the fun of gaming with the touch and feel of robotics to enhance STEAM education. In addition, LEGO WeDo is a great pathway to introduce kids to coding and tech.

“Technology intersects every single industry. A skillset in technology can only impact you in a positive way.” – Richard Grundy, Journi Cofounder

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In his student reporting debut, Fisher Upper Magnet Academy student, Robert caught up with FREC service provider and JOURNi cofounder Richard Grundy at a recent FREC City Saturday event to explore all of the above. Watch the interview below.

Career Talk With Robert: Coding, Careers, and LEGO WeDo

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