In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, we salute the amazing educators that we entrust with one of societies most important responsibilities – educating our kids. 

With the long hours, tireless amounts of brainpower, energy, and compassion they put into nurturing and supporting their students, teachers can be susceptible to occasional burnout and exhaustion. With all that they do to positively contribute to our world, how can we better support them?

Check Out These 5 Easy Ways That You Can Help Increase Wellness for a Teacher in your Life:


1. Take a Teacher to Lunch National Teacher’s Appreciation Week started Monday and goes through Sunday, May 13th. That gives you an entire week to treat your favorite teacher to a nice meal. Click here to check out a list of national restuarant chains and eateries offering free or discounted meals for teacher’s this week.

2. Express Your Gratitude


Does your child have a standout teacher that goes above and beyond to bring out the best in your kid? Take a moment to share your heartfelt gratitude, or better yet, help encourage your child to craft a handwritten thank you note, or email expressing their appreciation. 

A little kindness goes a long, long way.

3. Adopt A Classroom K-12 teachers spend $600 a year of their own money on classroom supplies. helps offset these costs by funding the classroom materials that students need to learn and succeed. Click here to find out how you can donate to help a classroom in need.

4. Host a Wellness Retreat

Nothing combats stress like a spa day! Shout out to our good friends at Ascension, St. John Providence Community Health School-Based Health Centers and Detroit Public Schools Community District for sponsoring a live Wellness Retreat for the staff of Fisher Magnet Upper Academy – complete with massage, yoga, fitness, and good healthy eats!

5. Volunteer Tutors, classroom assistants, lunchroom monitors – no matter what your skill set, a school in your area would be glad to put your time to use!


Your mere presence in a crowded classroom will go a long way toward easing the load for a teacher. Contact your local school district and see what you can do to help out.

This Teachers Appreciation Week try committing to do at least one good deed for an educator in your life.

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