As we reflect and celebrate this National Hispanic Heritage Month, it is important to note that immigrants from Latin countries are still struggling with the perils of deportation, the risk of having citizenship revoked, and countless other challenges.

In order to protect our friends, neighborhoods and families, we must exercise our right to vote in the midterm election this November.


An article recently published in USA Today revealed a proposed plan that would make it harder for immigrants to receive Medicaid, food stamps and housing vouchers.

The new proposal would affect millions of immigrants trying to come to the United States. Also, permanent residents who already receive aid could have their benefits cut in half.


This plan would affect 380,000 people and could disqualify individuals who need Section 8 housing vouchers, emergency and disability services. For those opposed to such measures, here are Three Ways That Michiganders can get involved:

1. Register to Vote – Voting gives you a voice and the opportunity to choose leaders that care about the same issues that are important you. The last day to register to vote for this election is October 9th.


Volunteer – Sometimes being able to give your time can be more valuable than any monetary gift. Organizations like The Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation, LA SED and the Consortium of Hispanic Agencies are organizations that provide helpful programs and resources.


3. Send letters to your Congressperson – Some people may think that this is not an effective way to be heard, but if enough people make phone calls, send emails and or letters to their representative, their collective voice will be heard. Here a link on how to write an effective letter to your congressperson.



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