Beginning Halloween and spanning until January 1st, the last few months of the year can turn into a food/party/drinking overload. We get it! Friends and family are in town and the best way to celebrate is with food.




To keep the good times going without overindulging, the FREC team came up with a list of five ways to enjoy the holidays without expanding your waistline.



Think of the words of Benjamin Franklin’s phrase “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” A prepared meal plan is the first key to success. Cook your food for the week so you won’t be tempted to stop by a fast food place.




When Dining out ALWAYS Order FIRST

With this little secret, not only do you set the tone of the whole dining experience.

You’re less likely to submit to order envy.


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Have Healthy Snacks At All Times

Before falling into a tempting food situation, always have a snack on you. Nuts or a piece of fruit is good to keep in your car.


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Holiday Party. (Danger! Danger! Danger!)

One key survival tool is to have a small meal before the party. Have all conversations away from the food and drink plenty of water.


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Holiday Spirits

Not willing to risk being labeled a social misfit? Try drinking cranberry juice in a shot glass. Also, remember the 2 to 1 rule: For every glass of alcohol, drink two glasses of water.


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The Holidays are filled with love, joy, family, and life long memories.

Enjoy, be safe, but most of all use the 5 to Survive.


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